A healthy organization is in constant motion, always embracing and adapting to a new future. The rate of change in business today happens so quickly that you can no longer plan comfortably in advance. The future belongs to those for whom change is a state of mind. The concepts of agile and scrum have long moved beyond the realm of the IT department to become key leadership tools to help large organizations thrive in a new era. Without an appetite for change, you may be headed towards the corporate graveyard along with the many others that fail to adapt.

How you communicate determines how willing to change your people are. To lead people you have to imagine a brighter future and communicate your “Big Idea” in a way that motivates and inspires. At the same time you have to know when to listen to the struggles and fears of your employees and really empower them. Only then will people want to follow.

In today’s increasingly digitized and interconnected world, boundaries are blurred, collaborations are more fluid and the pressure on businesses to be agile is immense. The challenges faced by leaders today demand a whole new set of skills.

What does it take to be an effective connecting leader in such a dynamic world? How do you lead people towards the change you want to see? How do you become more resilient and better at communicating decisions in such times? Do the traditional models of leadership hold, or is the agile world seeing a new brand of leaders emerge?

What does it take to be a connecting leader, in such a dynamic world? 

As a leader you have to not only anticipate the future and invent creative initiatives, but to also inspire those around you to support and execute your vision. By harnessing the power of persuasive communication you, too, can turn your idea into a movement. In order to lead people through the change journey, you need to understand the stages you and your employees will encounter so that you can provide the necessary communication and support at each stage. This helps you sustain their energy so you arrive at your destination. And fueled by the energy of that success you and your employees are ready to move on and travel again to the next destination.

For successful leaders change is a state of mind, they seek it out and embrace it: but their true power lies in the fact that they never lose sight of the people that are traveling with them. As a connecting leader you will always be traveling somewhere along the change path and the people that are traveling with you grow and thrive as they follow.

Happy traveling. Make change a state of mind and make sure you keep connected with all the people you want to come along with you.

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