We are Base.

Communication, leadership and change professionals.
Life long educated, at least 20 years experience – and ever emphatic.

We form a network of individual talents around the world.
Because merging cultural, social and geographical diversity creates quality.

We have one thing in common: we connect.
Because we believe that connecting will bring you innovation and social impact.


Base delivers.

We understand the solitude of leadership.
We grasp the impact of social and political arenas. We love bringing brands together.
We know our way around the change arena.

Sure, it’s about strategies and lots of other expensive stuff, but, without saying, we have tools for you:
programs, scripts, stories, images, keys, feeds…
Speak your language and deliver.


Touch Base.

Working with base is, actually, quite basic.
You work with one of our consultants – near you, or on the other side of the world. It’s efficient, and cost effective.

The consultant is accountable for all the work we do.
You might need all sorts of expertise – the consultant knows where to get it. That’s what we call: connected. 


Share your vision and passion to inspire others. Rally support and drive outcomes with stories that people want to be part of. At Base Consulting we help you harness the power of impactful communications to connect with people and boost performance.