Does your business strategy resonate with the people who have to make it happen? Do you need to encourage new mindsets and behaviors to drive success? Good leadership makes change possible, good communication makes change stick.

Can you communicate your vision to inspire people and drive action?

Change is messy, you have to keep people motivated and aligned throughout the change journey. You have to deliver targeted messages, at the right time and in the right format to have positive impact. And most importantly, you have to make your communication compelling by appealing to your audiences’ needs, motivations, and resistance.

Whether you’re struggling to keep your change program on track or whether you’re planning ahead, Base Consulting can dive in and join you at any stage of the change journey to help you strengthen your skills and achieve your goals.

Our CHANGE management expertise includes:

When it comes to change, a solid communication plan is essential. Getting the right variety and frequency of communication in the right channels is key to cutting through the clutter. We help you make sure that your messages are consistent, clear and engaging so you create the impact to drive and sustain change.

A powerful strategic narrative gives us the why, what and the how of the change in a way that resonates and gives people a reason to care. We help leaders craft and tell stories that appeal to the head and the heart: building belief in a shared journey so that people feel united and connected to a common purpose.

As a leader in today’s dynamic workplace you have to be resilient and adaptable yet at the same time build trust and gain commitment. We coach and train leaders in the skills they need to be authentic in their leadership whilst adapting to the changing needs of their environment and their teams.

Its no secret that highly engaged employees perform better. Its also a sad fact that the majority of employees are not engaged. Engagement is more than just a campaign, it’s a culture. We help you to engage sincerely, honestly and responsibly with your employees to create happier and more positive workplaces.

Knowing what impact you are having not only allows you to improve, it also gives you the opportunity to celebrate success. We help you establish a baseline and measure your communications impact against clearly defined criteria so you can be sure your change communications are delivering.