How do you maximize your impact? How do you stay authentic in the face of constant change? How do you consistently inspire and engage others?

The old assumptions and old models that worked in the past, no longer hold. Today’s fast-paced, volatile environment calls for a new leadership style based on human connection, integrity and trust.

There is no single recipe for leadership success, the art lies in identifying and mastering your own unique style. Using research-based approaches to leadership psychology and personal development, we’ll help you to develop your self-awareness, excel at building strong relationships and master the skills to influence others through integrity and trust rather than power and authority.


All too often when we look to develop ourselves, the focus is on what we need to improve. Research into positive psychology however shows that there’s more to be gained by focusing on our strengths. By taking you through the proven process of our “Your Best Self” Assessment, you’ll discover, through the eyes of others, when you’re at your best and what characteristics make you stand out

Your purpose should inspire, energize and provide a clear direction. We can help you develop your personal purpose and mission, so every decision you make takes you closer to your goals.

Does your vision help people understand why your organization exists? Simon Sinek has made the power of “why” famous. We can help you identify your purpose and write clear and meaningful vision and mission statements that make people want to join you on your journey.

The most visible leaders in the world are masters of social media, think of Richard Branson and Obama. So how do you as a leader develop a social presence that builds your personal and corporate brand and turns customers and employees into advocates? We can help you identify the right channels, content, tone and voice to engage online and establish a strong executive profile.

High performing teams have been the focus of numerous studies. We now understand much more about the conditions that lead to strong teams and how to create them. Using research-based techniques and principles we can support you to realign individual agendas with the larger organizational purpose, introduce a performance culture that fosters accountability and collaboration, mobilize the team around the right objectives and values and develop an environment of open communication and constructive dialogue.

In today’s hyper-connected world your network as a leader is all important. We will help you to analyze your network and develop it into a network that both supports and challenges you. Using the analysis you will identify patterns and gaps in your network and strategies for addressing them.

Leading people and organizations through change takes vision, structure and a sound grasp of the people side of change. In addition to being able to personally adapt to change and model resiliency, you need to be able to recognize patterns of human behavior and understand the reactions when change occurs so you can release the creative energy of others and guide and coach people who are resistant to change.

Diversity in the workplace is a given but an inclusive workplace culture does not always go hand in hand with diversity. To get the most out of diversity in your organization you have to consciously create inclusivity. With our practical, pragmatic approach we can help you to remove the barriers to inclusivity and create a culture where everyone can show up and be heard.