Base Consulting is a network of international experts in change, leadership and reputation management. Anja Verheij-Köllmann and Saskia Dejonghe are the two founding partners. One from Amsterdam and one from Brussels: we bring a potent mix of nationalities, personalities and experience. We share a passion for people and a drive to help our clients make a positive difference. We build lasting relationships based on collaboration, co-creation, fun and hard work. It’s our mission to achieve the best outcomes for our clients by making wisdom shareable.

Our Approach

Collaboration is in our DNA. We immerse ourselves in your world and become part of your team so we can develop communications that deliver the results you seek.  Our diverse network of specialists gives us the flexibility to put together exactly the right team to help our clients achieve their business goals.

The Implant Model

Think how much easier and more efficient projects would be if your consultant was in your office whenever you needed them. The implant model offers you just that. You get to have a consultant based at your site for an agreed amount of time, throughout the duration of the project. You and your team have the full value of a communications specialist who can draw on the supporting expertise of the BASE team to keep the project flowing smoothly.

Our team is made up entirely of over 20 seasoned professionals each with more than 2 decades of experience in providing communication solutions that support business success. We keep lines short and tempo high by making sure that you have direct access to the people who get the job done.

Base Consulting


Our network includes highly experienced copywriters, designers, film-makers, artists and journalists to make sure that your projects are artfully executed.

Base Consulting

Interim Base

Our interim experts are available for short to medium-term projects to strengthen your team, support your leaders and help you to keep things moving in the right direction.

Base Consulting


Our professional associates have expertise ranging from change management and organizational development, to reputation management, media relations and stakeholder relations. Drawing on this broad base we can bring together the perfect skills mix for your consultancy project.

Base Consulting


To help you develop the skills and tools your leaders and teams need to drive performance, we have a talented team of coaches and trainers with extensive experience of coaching c-suite executives and developing tailored programs for leadership and team development.

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