Solid reputations are built on trust.

Show people what you really stand for. Your reputation as a business or as a leader depends more on what you do than what you claim. You have to earn it and protect it every day.

Are you looking to expand your influence on a strategic issue? Resolve controversial issues? Respond effectively in times of crisis? We’ll help you factor reputation into your decision making and make sure your messages are authentic, relevant and credible to stakeholders.

Our reputation management expertise includes:

Your reputation as an organization depends on ensuring what your company stands for, aligns with your communications and the way your stakeholders perceive you. We help you express your vision and values in a credible and authentic way using strategies that ensure consistency across all communication channels to create measurable impact on internal and external perceptions.

Issue and crisis management gives you the opportunity to select and execute the right strategy to prevent an issue or crisis from becoming a reputational threat. We help you manage and resolve issues and crises to protect – and often enhance – reputation.

The success of any organization or project depends very much on how stakeholders view it. We help you identify and understand your key stakeholders, start conversations and build relationships in order to produce positive outcomes.

We help you to identify and empower your ambassadors and create social sharing strategies that grow the reach of your content over time and amplify your message in a credible and authentic way.

Stakeholders are demanding more and better communication about an organization’s performance when it comes to sustainability and CSR. We work with you to develop communication strategies for your different stakeholder groups to ensure content is relevant, credible and engaging.

Speaking on behalf of your organization is a challenge for anyone. Whether in public, at an internal conference or on the broadcast media, your performance can make or break reputations. We help you develop your confidence and your skills to represent your organization in any situation.

Rather than relying on a series of bullet points and charts in a PowerPoint deck, a powerful story engages both the head and heart and gives people a reason to care. We help leaders craft messages and tell stories that are sticky and memorable so that people will want to share them.

To build a credible personal brand you have to know what you stand for and be able to articulate that clearly and consistently in everything you do. We work with you to identify your personal purpose and develop strategies for communicating that in a way that builds your executive presence both on and offline.

Establishing and maintaining a strong executive profile is an important part of leadership success today. We’ll boost your visibility on LinkedIn and Twitter and position yourself as a thought leader in the channels where your story will be heard by the people you want to engage.

Being able to respond well in a crisis requires confidence and experience. We help make sure your teams are well attuned with simulation-based exercises that test their skills under pressure and allow them to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment.