Successful transformations depend heavily on embedding leadership and communication skills far deeper in your organizations than ever before. With the latest developments in technology and behavioral science, we see an opportunity to help you create a learning culture, where training and development initiatives drive significant business impact that can be measured.

Our mission at The Base Academy is to help you unlock the potential within, through:

  • Powerful, transformative learning journeys that combine dynamic group interaction and personal feedback to help you discover and build on your natural strengths.
  • Immersive, contextually based learning experiences rather than dry information dumps.
  • World-class instructor-led and online learning modules.
  • On the job coaching and feedback.

How we help our clients

Individual programs to build targeted leadership skills or help you prepare for a new challenge.

Group programs by level and role to help you maximize your performance as an executive team.

Every company is unique, so we apply our expertise to your specific business training needs. Whether we’re teaching you to get your message across using storytelling techniques, training people to deal with difficult questions or developing materials with your content, we’ll keep your learners engaged and make sure they know their stuff.

Take a look at our learning bites, and then tell us what works best for you. We can lengthen or shorten our standard training programs, or we can create corporate training experiences designed uniquely for your people by considering your team’s challenges, selecting industry-specific examples and incorporating your materials.

There’s nothing as effective as one-on-one feedback to boost learning and development. We support you and your teams to change mindsets, develop new skills and adopt new behaviors. We offer personal coaching programs either face-to-face or via Skype, to give you the opportunity, time and space to define your goals, map your route and grow your potential.

Know how to use your communication skills to shape your team culture and support the delivery of success in your organization.

We’ll help you and your team gain necessary insights for learning, develop the skills to read the room. With a few powerful techniques we’ll help you master the art of adapting your messages to your audience in the bat of an eye so you connect and engage fully.

Dare to show up: when it comes to communicating under pressure you can’t be anyone other than yourself. At Base Consulting we focus on helping you find your personal style. Whether you need to make sure you’re understood, deliver difficult messages or inspire and engage your audience, our training programs are designed to make sure you have the skillset to be a more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicator.

Talent development is a top priority for successful organizations. By combining the best of online and face-to-face learning, we enable you to provide high quality training programs that lead to real behavior change in practice. Busy agendas and dispersed teams are no longer an issue as you and your teams have complete control of when and where you follow the training.

We can provide you with ready-made modules that can simply be imported into your own learning management system, or we can work with you to develop a completely tailored blended learning journey. Take a look at the modules we offer and don’t hesitate to call us if there’s anything you don’t see listed.

When you invest in communication and training it can feel like a leap of faith. It can be difficult to really identify what has been achieved. Whether you want to know if your latest training program has really resulted in a change of mindset or whether your newsletter is really providing the content your employees want and need, we’ll work with you to design and implement the research so that you have the insight you need to make informed decisions and keep improving.