About Base Consulting

We understand your management challenges, needs, and ambitions. We grasp the impact of socio-economical and political forces. We seek co-creation by connecting brands and NGO’s. We know how to build high-impact teams.

Base Consulting connects

Base Consulting is an independent network of change, communication and reputation management professionals, with roots in Amsterdam. At Base Consulting, we believe that connection is the very core of our lives – including yours. Whether you’re building a team, sowing innovations or improving your social responsibility.

Beyond promises

We know you choose Base Consulting because of our people. You’ve worked with one of us before, or we’ve been recommended to you. And mostly: you trust we can make it happen, and you trust us to assemble the right team for every challenge.

At Base Consulting, we help you guide, change and build reputation programs. We contract ambassadors, design strategy, deliver training programmes and coaching. We get communications in its most subtle and specific forms, and in the greatest sense too.

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Our services

Base Consulting makes you a part of our multidisciplinary team of experts. By pooling knowledge and experience, we can build on in-house expertise with creative thinking, insights and hands-on solutions. That’s what we call connected.

Our business model combines consulting expertise with the flexibility of independent, passionate professionals. Being close to the management and business is key to the way we operate. We have developed an implant model that allows us to work closely with you, and to deliver top quality service to the tightest of deadlines, while simultaneously growing your know-how and expertise.

At Base Consulting we make your strategy explicit and relevant. We connect you with your audiences and identify the right alliances for powerful co-creation, leading to innovation and greater social impact. This includes:

  • Positioning
  • Brand Marketing
  • Ambassador PR
  • Sponsorships
  • Connecting platforms
  • Brand Reputation programmes
  • Social media campaigning 
  • CEO profiling
  • Crisis communication
  • CSR
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Key messaging
  • Managing E-reputation


We live in a fluid environment – sink in, or ride the waves. Base Consulting helps you to locate your current coordinates, and navigate you to exiting destinations.

We provide strategic advice and professional communications guidance to organizations, leaders and teams. This includes:

  • Leadership development
  • Ambassador programme 
  • Transition processes
  • Communication management
  • Narrative development
  • Strategic planning


At Base Consulting we believe in creating ambassadors.
Leadership doesn’t exist without partners, stakeholders, employees, advocates and followers.
Identifying and maintaining great relationships might be a burden to you, but at Base Consulting we love that interaction.

We offer solutions-based coaching and various communication training programmes, to increase your understanding of reputation management, leadership communication and issue marketing. Our portfolio of coaching and training includes:

  • Media training
  • Key message training
  • How to create ambassadors
  • Crisis management 
  • Issue management
  • Leadership training
  • Social media training
  • The power of images 
  • Team dynamics 


At Base Consulting we help your people and teams grow. And by growth we mean more than just numbers. There are always unexpected side ways. Undiscovered possibilities. Unseen vistas. 
Use us to benchmark your ideas or get some new ones.

Our people

Clients and professionals choose Base Consulting because of our people. They’ve worked with one of us before, or we’ve been recommended to them. They trust we can make it happen, and they trust that we will build the right team.

We make the client a part of our multidisciplinary team of experts. By exchanging knowledge and experience, we can build on in-house expertise with creative thinking, insights and hands-on solutions. That’s what we call connected.

Each of us has led strategic communications programs for dozens of leading brands, corporations, public and non-profit organizations and NGO’s. We are all passionate, dedicated and energetic. And our clients love working with us.

Link with our people to see their story and professional journey so far.


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Saskia Dejonghe

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